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A Total Transformation: Complete Bathroom Extension and Refit in Devon

A Total Transformation: Complete Bathroom Extension and Refit in Devon

In a Devon property, Charlie and his skilled team combined two separate rooms into a spacious, modern bathroom. The refit involved installing contemporary sanitary ware, each chosen to complement the room's new, open feel. The room's look was updated with fresh wall and floor tiles, and towel radiators were added for a luxurious touch. This project encapsulates Charlie's commitment to high-quality bathroom transformations.

Posted on: July 14, 2023

Transforming a space with expertise

Highlighting the expertise of Charlie, the skilled Gas Engineer and Plumber

Converting Two Rooms into One Spacious Bathroom

We recently had the opportunity to work on an interesting project. The goal was straightforward but ambitious: the client wanted to combine a separate toilet and bathroom into a single, more practical and spacious room. They saw the potential in their property for a more cohesive and useful bathroom, and they trusted our team to bring this vision to life. This task involved more than simple renovation. It required a strategic plan to ensure that the structural integrity of the property was not compromised during the conversion process. The client was very particular about this aspect, as the removal of a dividing wall is no small task and needed to be executed safely and professionally.

Job Brief

Masterful Wall Demolition and Space Expansion

Our team started the project with an in-depth assessment of the property's structural components, specifically focusing on the wall that needed to be removed. Once we were confident that the demolition would not impact the overall structure, our crew expertly knocked down the wall. This change immediately created a larger, more inviting space, making it possible to start shaping the new, spacious bathroom. Our client's vision was slowly becoming a reality as we began to witness the transformation of two separate, limited spaces into one ample, functional bathroom area. Ultimately, the project was about reimagining a space to better fit the client's lifestyle and needs. It's rewarding to see that by removing just one wall, we could enhance the functionality of the bathroom while giving it a fresh, new look.

Installation of Modern Sanitary Ware

With the new expansive space finally ready, it was time to take the next big step in the project - the bathroom refit. It was essential to install a new toilet, sink, and shower that not only offered high functionality but also contributed to the enhanced aesthetics of the enlarged bathroom.

The sanitary ware installed by our team was both modern and efficient. The toilet, specifically chosen for its comfort and advanced water-saving features, was perfect for the client's needs. The sleek sink added a touch of sophistication to the bathroom's aesthetic appeal, while the state-of-the-art shower system brought in a sense of luxury, promising a spa-like bathing experience right at home. All these installations were accomplished with our signature precision and commitment to delivering top-quality work.

Revitalising the Space: New Tiles and Towel Radiators

An essential aspect of this bathroom refit was updating the surfaces with new tiling. Tiles play a critical role in determining the look and feel of a bathroom. After careful consultation with the client, we chose tiles that would give the bathroom a modern, elegant appearance. We replaced the old floor tiles with sleek, new ones that perfectly complemented the overall design of the space. Not only did these new tiles elevate the bathroom's visual appeal, but they also enhanced its functionality by providing a durable and easy-to-clean surface. The walls received the same attention to detail, with fresh tiles carefully laid to create a clean and contemporary backdrop. This detailed tiling work brought a new level of sophistication to the room, making it look brighter and more spacious. In addition to the tile work, we installed modern towel radiators. These fixtures not only offer the comfort of warm towels but also contribute to maintaining a consistent temperature in the bathroom, adding an extra level of luxury.

Job Brief

Your Choice for Bathroom Extension and Refit in Devon

At our CMS Plumbing and Heating, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive range of bathroom extension and refit services to homeowners in Devon and the surrounding areas.

Every project we undertake reflects our dedication to superior workmanship, precise execution, and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. We understand that every renovation or extension project is unique. Each one presents its challenges and requirements, but with our extensive experience and skills, we are adept at turning visions into reality.

If you're planning a bathroom renovation or extension in Devon, we invite you to explore our past projects to gain an understanding of our capabilities. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can transform your bathroom into a space that combines practicality with design aesthetics.

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