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Melding Old and New: A Tale of Replacing an Antique Boiler in a Historic Devon Cottage

Melding Old and New: A Tale of Replacing an Antique Boiler in a Historic Devon Cottage

In a Devon property, Charlie and his skilled team combined two separate rooms into a spacious, modern bathroom. The refit involved installing contemporary sanitary ware, each chosen to complement the room's new, open feel. The room's look was updated with fresh wall and floor tiles, and towel radiators were added for a luxurious touch. This project encapsulates Charlie's commitment to high-quality bathroom transformations.

Posted on: February 3, 2023

Primrose Cottage

Highlighting the expertise of Charlie, the skilled Gas Engineer and Plumber

Primrose Cottage

Job Brief

A few years back, our client purchased a charming property, a house that held many decades of history within its walls. Among its vintage fixtures was an old Worcester Bosch boiler, a relic from 1995, still serving its purpose, albeit less effectively as time went by. Recently, this aging soldier started faltering, leaking water onto essential electrical components. This was a clear sign that the boiler was beyond its useful life and needed urgent replacement

Issues Faced

Upon my arrival at the property, I immediately noticed the boiler's distress signals. The water leakage had escalated to a point where it had started to cause more extensive issues. I attempted to patch things up to ensure temporary usage for the client, giving them a bit of respite. However, considering the boiler's age and the severity of the damage, a successful repair wasn't just challenging; it was almost impossible. The old system was on its last legs, and a simple repair job wasn't going to cut it.

Proposed Solution

After a thorough assessment, I proposed to the client that we proceed with the installation of a new, modern boiler system. This would not only resolve the immediate issues but also provide a long-term, reliable solution. I furnished them with a detailed quote that broke down every element of the project. This document included the expected timeframe for the completion of the job, the overall cost, and other pertinent details related to the boiler installation.


Estimating the project's budget was a careful process, designed to encompass all the required work, from removing the old unit to installing and testing the new one. I strived to ensure the client received the best possible value for their money, including sourcing the most efficient boiler within their budget, without compromising on quality or safety.

Final Outcome

Despite the challenges that come with working on a 400-year-old cottage, the work was completed smoothly, on time, and within the defined budget. The successful installation of the modern boiler system has effectively brought this historic property up to date. The project stands as a testament to the adaptability and expertise our service offers, even when dealing with older properties that require a delicate, experienced touch.

Final Outcome